frequently asked graphic design questions 

What exactly do you do as a graphic designer?

As a graphic designer I create files for clients to use for printing or online. I am given information from a client and after talking to them about what they require then I will lay out that information in a way that looks professional and is useful for what they need. Each project will have a different purpose – perhaps drawing attention to a product, inspiring an audience with visual concepts or laying out practical information in a report. My job is to identify that purpose with the client and work within their branding to create a file that works for them.


Can you help a new business with branding?

Yes, I can! I can set up a branding sheet for you providing an overall feel for your business brand. This is useful as a reference when you are creating any printable of online material for your business or to provide to a third party who may be creating something for your business (advertising, website, signage etc).

This is a service is additional to logo design because not all clients feel they want it and some people enjoy creating their own.

I do recommend clients have a clear branding image in mind for their business so that they are able to easily present that in everything they do for their business. I provide a free check list my clients can use to get started with identifying and communicating their brand vision.


Why would I use a designer if I can create my own files online?

You don’t need to use a graphic designer if you enjoy creating files yourself and have the time to do that. There are many online resources these days that allow you to get creative. I do however recommend you educate yourself about file types before you embark down this road. But go for it and have fun with it!

However, often people do not have the time in their business to be setting up nice looking graphic files or they are not confident in creating something that looks professional. In these cases it makes sense for them to pay for someone else to do that job for them. A professional designer generally has the experience and ability to work quickly and create better quality files than someone who has not worked in that industry, so even if their hourly rate might seem high it will often be cheaper than paying a staff member to do it and the results can be a lot better when working with someone that deals with design concepts and layouts everyday. So it will usually come down to time, quality and money, and knowing when it is better for your business to outsource design. Often for bigger or more complicated projects is just makes sense.  


How much do you charge?

I generally price my services per project and then additional work is charged at $110 per hour if things drag out over the parameters of the quote. You can see my pricing for a range of common projects here. I would be happy to chat about any ideas you have and work out a quote for what you specifically need – just email me or schedule a call.


What is your turnaround time for graphic design work?

For small jobs I will usually get proofs back to you within a few days to a week.  Larger jobs really depend on how much work is involved. Jobs that require more creative input get the best results when I am able to play with some ideas then leave it sit for a few days before I come back to work on it so if time allows it is always good to give the conceptual design work more time if possible.

I will always communicate timeframes with you at the beginning of a design project and let you know anytime I am falling behind schedule.


I need a design file created urgently can you help?

I try to accommodate urgent design jobs whenever possible however out of fairness to other clients' work I have scheduled and due to the nature of urgent work being more stressful and prone to extra changes I charge a $165 fee for urgent work.

If you have a seriously urgent design job that you are happy to pay extra to have done now then please phone me and I can let you know if I am able to slot you in.


I know exactly what design I want can you create it?

Yes, I am always happy to follow your instruction if you already know exactly what you want. I will advise you if I see any potential issues with what you propose and can make some suggestions for improvements but if you are clear on what you want I am happy to just help you turn that into a usable file.


I am not sure what I want can you help me with ideas?

I sure can! Lets have a quick chat about your business and what you want to achieve and I can give to some ideas that might suit your specific budget and needs. You will be surprised how a few of the right questions can easily lead us to the right solutions.


Can I see examples of your graphic design work?

There are bits and pieces of my graphic design work scattered about this website that will give you an indication about the quality of my graphic design work and you can see regular posts on my Instagram feed but, if you would like to see something specific that is not represented here then please just give me a call and I can send you though some samples.


I have some other questions about graphic design work.

Great, email me with any questions you have and I will be happy to answer them.