Are your business files and graphics a bit of a mishmash of outmoded ideas? 

You might need an organised and all inclusive plan to get your graphics right for your business.

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As a graphic designer I have worked with a large range of businesses through the print industry, publishing and advertising, and freelancing in my own small business, and one of the things I often see are inconsistent messages given out from a business through their branding (or lack of) and graphics.  As a freelance designer for small businesses with small budgets for design work I was mostly given single short fast design jobs and I rarely got a chance to help businesses improve their overall image. This is why I have taken a little twist and developed a service that I believe will add so much value to many of the small to medium businesses I see out there who's business files and graphics are a bit of a mishmash, but with a bit of feedback from a designer with some pointers in the right direction could bring exactly the lift they are trying to get in their business.